Corey Feldman Now Says He’s Officially Retired From Acting

In a recent interview celebrating his 50th birthday, Corey Feldman says he may never make another film.

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Corey Feldman doesn’t think he wants to make another film. Like, ever again. In a recent video interview with MovieWeb, the 80s icon had some choice words for Hollywood and why he’s ready to leave it all behind. 

Don’t get him wrong, though. If the right legacy project came knocking, he’d still consider. The Lost Boys, The Goonies, Friday the 13th and Stand By Me are just a drop in the bucket for the genre star. Even though he hasn’t provided stellar content since the 90s, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a call if any of the above were to be rekindled. 

In the video interview celebrating his recent 50th birthday, the actor shared some pretty heavy insight into where he’s at professionally.

Here’s what he has to say about his future in Hollywood

As far as the film front, yes, I’ve got a couple cameos. There’s a couple cameos on the way out, but they’re very brief, and that’s it. I have not decided if I even want to make another film. I have literally taken this as a giant reset. And that’s what this is all about. The 50 year mark for me is saying half of my life is now over, how do I want to spend the second half of it? And that’s going to unfold as the days present themselves, and I can’t tell you what the future holds.

The Friday the 13th Part IV protagonist also spotlights why he’s in the position he’s in. We recently reported on another interview where the star expressed feeling screwed over by horror producers. And it doesn’t seem like these are isolated incidents. 

Corey Feldman explained further

I can’t tell you that I’ll ever star in another movie. I haven’t decided if I want to yet or not, because I feel like I’ve dedicated a lot of my life and a lot of my career to filmmaking, and I feel that I’ve been a bit overlooked. Don’t know that I want to dedicate any more of my life to something where I’m not being appreciated… I know that there’s appreciation for my past acting work, I’m not saying that there’s not, I’m just don’t really see myself begging for work.

The interview does mention the legacy titles Feldman is interested in pursuing, should the right opportunity come along. He namechecks Friday the 13th and The Goonies as properties he could be willing to revisit. 

corey feldman - Corey Feldman Now Says He's Officially Retired From Acting

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