Corey Feldman Claims The FRIDAY THE 13TH Lawsuit Is Resolved

It’s no secret that Corey Feldman wants to return to the Friday the 13th franchise. The actor has been developing ideas with The Final Chapter screenwriter Barney Cohen for some time. He now also claims the legal battle halting any further productions has finally been put to rest.

Corey Feldman starred as the original Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and reprised the role for A New Beginning. The Tommy Jarvis character also saw action in Jason Lives and more recently in the excellent Friday the 13th: The Game.

Now Feldman has given an interview with MovieWeb claiming that the treacherous Friday the 13th legal battle has finally been resolved. While the actor isn’t able to back up these claims, he still believes it’s the perfect time to send Tommy Jarvis back into the rink.

In the interview, Feldman claims “a lawyer told him” that Cunningham and Miller’s case has been officially resolved, with Cunningham coming out on top. This a hypothetically strange turn of events, given that a court ruled in Victor Miller’s favour as recently as 2018. But who knows? If there is truth to these claims, it could be great news for fans of Jason and Friday the 13th.

Here’s what Corey Feldman thinks should happen next for the franchise

I think if we do any reboots, the reboot should be the Tommy vs. Jason reboot. Interestingly enough, some guy came up to me at a party, this is true, two weeks ago, and said he has resolved the rights issues. He’s a lawyer, and he has resolved the rights issues around Friday the 13th, and that things are working out, and now they’ll be able to start making Friday the 13th movies again.

Feldman also mentioned feeling “screwed” by Plantium Dunes 

Let’s just hope they don’t make it like they did the last one, because that was terrible. Where they messed up is they had been meeting with me about doing Tommy vs. Jason, like H20 style. That was the plan… They didn’t go that route and they went and did this awful atrocity of a reboot instead and look what you got… Not to talk badly about Platinum Dunes, but I had met with them prior to making that movie and they had promised me that they were going to use me and bring Tommy Jarvis back in the version that they had originally planned to make, and then that all got scratched for that ridiculous whatever-it-was.

Feldman is taking note of the recent success seen by the Halloween franchise. He attributes this success to Jaime Lee Curtis playing her legacy character Laurie Strode once again.

Feldman points to this example as to why he should get a shot at returning to summer camp

“If they were doing things the right way and they were listening to what the fans really want, and they had their ear to the ground and the pulse of what’s going on in pop culture society, what they should do is revamp the idea of bringing tommy back [40] years later to go up against his nemesis the same way they did with Jamie Lee Curtis and the Halloween reboot. Now, of course they’ve taken that idea and redone that five different ways… Well, all we’re asking for is one, one Tommy vs. Jason sequel. That’s all we’re asking for.”

Do you want to see Tommy Jarvis go up against Jason again? If so, would Feldman’s iteration of the character be the one for the gig? Check out the rest of the article on MovieWeb right now.

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