Video: ALIEN Tribute Film Packs Atmosphere and Thrills into 30 Short Seconds

Alien Tribute banner 750x422 - Video: ALIEN Tribute Film Packs Atmosphere and Thrills into 30 Short Seconds

A great short film will pack the intensity of an entire film into an abbreviated format, and that’s just what filmmaker Dave Weinstock has done. His Alien tribute film is short–and terrifying, showing how much a keen mind can accomplish when set to task.

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Thanks to our friends over at for putting this item on our radar! Check out Weinstock’s Alien tribute film below.

Video Description:
As a big fan of the Alien franchise, I felt compelled to create a short that would showcase the horror and atmosphere of the first film. Solely intended as a homage.

Weinstock also shared a breakdown of Tribute on Behance, which you can see HERE.

Weinstock is a multi-disciplinary 2D/3D designer working in the entertainment, advertising, and automotive industries. His clients include Samsung, Apple, Google, Marvel, and many more at some of the top agencies and studios in NYC. You can check out his portfolio on Art Station and follow him on Twitter.

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