Man Bites Dog Director Passes


Remy Belvaux of Man Bites DogA sad bit of news just came across the wire. This past Monday night Belgian filmmaker Remy Belvaux passed away at the young age of 38. Belvaux’s only feature was Man Bites Dog, but what a legacy it is!

Man Bites DogThe low budget 1992 film, much beloved by genre fans the world over, was shot in documentary style and has been widely imitated. It details the exploits of Ben, a vicious serial killer portrayed by Benoit Poelvoorde, who went on to achieve major stardom in France. Along with directing, co-writing, co-editing, and co-producing Man Bites Dog, Belvaux played the reporter who follows Ben everywhere and, with a small crew, records his evil deeds.

The film generated quite a bit of controversy at the time of its release due to its black humor, graphic content, and the offhand manner in which fun-loving Ben dispatches his victims, all the while involving the film crew more and more in his exploits. Despite Man Bites Dog‘s success (it won numerous awards after its Cannes debut), Belvaux never directed another film, instead electing to work in the realm of commercials.

Other than verifying that Belvaux died in Orry-la-Ville, north of Paris, his family’s only statement was, “He leaves us one masterpiece and tons of regrets.” Dread Central sends condolences to Remy Belvaux’s family members and numerous fans.

Debi Moore

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