Mysterious Delivery From Lucifer’s Damned Good Pizza, Who’s The Summoner?

It's Not Delivery, It's Diavolo.

A devilishly mysterious pizza arrived at our office this evening. While we don’t yet know exactly who or what is behind this, it was delicious. Risking hellish heartburn, we dug in and devoured the pie in entirety before noticing the note attached to the box. I guess it pays to look before you eat.

Here’s what showed up:

The box says Lucifer’s Damned Good Pizza but we aren’t too sure who The Summoner is. They claim to be “The Best Damned Realtor” serving Hollywood Hills and beyond… If that doesn’t sound ominous I don’t know what does. The website listed on the flyer is a real site with an email address and a phone number. We are too scared to look any deeper but should any of our dear readers care to dig in to this we would love to hear what you find.

The site says: “I HEARD YOUR NEIGHBORS SUCK! When you’re ready to move, summon THE SUMMONER for all your real estate needs.” It also says it serves Beverly Hills and Beyond. And it has three listings marked as SOLD including homes in Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, and Calabasas. Past that it gives an email contact address and a phone number.

Again, not sure what any of this means but I think if you were to, you know, call the number listed on the site, that might be a way into solving this pizza pie mystery.

luciferspizza 1024x538 - Mysterious Delivery From Lucifer's Damned Good Pizza, Who's The Summoner?

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