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Classic Slashers Inspired Upcoming PC Title Sanitarium Massacre



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Sanitarium Massacre is set to release next year for PC with a special edition available as well. Gamers who love old school slashers like Halloween will want to pick up this bloody new title. Read on to learn more!

Neokalus Burr, a notorious serial killer, is caught in a violent and deadly home invasion. Shot nearly to death by the police, he is locked away in a state hospital for the mentally ill. Tonight, after 8 mute years staring at a wall, he escapes from his cell on a campaign of destruction and terror. It is almost as if he is possessed by a demon, You are that demon. Rip through the halls of the sanitarium committing shocking acts of violence. No one will be safe. You will kill them all in Sanitarium Massacre.


  • Terrifying masks and costumes
  • Old school Resident Evil/Silent Hill style cameras
  • Realistic decapitations and gore: Different deaths for each weapon
  • VHS box menus, stats and rankings: Menus look like an old VHS box. If you’re wondering about the washed out grainy look of the newer videos, there are two video modes made – VHS and DVD. DVD will be clear video; but if you want to go old school, flip on VHS mode, and the game will look like a dirty old tape with scan lines and everything.
  • You can visit the official Pig Farmer Games website to learn more about the game.

    Classic Slashers Inspired Upcoming PC Title Sanitarium Massacre

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