First Look: Elijah Wood’s New Ted Bundy Movie NO MAN OF GOD

Director Amber Sealey’s Ted Bundy movie No Man of God with Elijah Wood (The Good Son, Come to Daddy) is heading our way. And today we have your first look.

Check it out below!

Luke Kirby (Lenny Bruce on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) plays Ted Bundy. Elijah Wood is FBI agent Bill Hagmaier, to whom Bundy finally confessed while on Death Row.

Wood tells EW: “The film is really comprised of a series of conversations and those conversations are lifted in part from real conversations and then recollections from Bill of these conversations.”

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Sealey says “Bill Hagmaier is the man who’s credited with getting Ted Bundy to come clean about his crimes right before his execution. Even though Bill himself is a very religious, very good, very honorable person, he had to forge a friendship with Bundy, in a way, in order to get close enough to him in order for Bundy to feel safe enough to come clean. And he did.”

Sealey also reveals that Luke Kirby initially turned down the Bundy role.

Sealey says: “I’ve wanted to work with him forever. We had some really talented brilliant actors interested in the role, but I couldn’t get Luke out of my head. We just went through the normal channels, through his reps, and he turned it down. I was like no, he has to play Bundy. I knew some friends of his, and I hunted him down, and said, ‘Just meet me, just to talk, and get to know each other.’ We ended up really liking each other as friends and I said, ‘Look, all the reasons why you don’t want to play Bundy are exactly why I want you to play him.’ So then he said ‘Yes.’

Wood’s SpectreVision, the company he founded with Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller produces the film. Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and Aleksa Palladino costar. Check out some first-look pics via EW below.

Ted Bundy
Via EW
Ted Bundy
Credit EW
Ted Bundy
Credit EW

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