How To Host Your First WALKING DEAD Murder Mystery Party In Atlanta

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In the early 2000s, a writer named Robert Kirkman decided to make a comic book series set in a zombie apocalypse. Kirkman opted to focus more on human drama than the zombies themselves and thus, The Walking Dead was born.

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Since then, The Walking Dead has been adapted into novels, theme park rides, and AMC’s immensely popular TV series. There’s a lot to love about TWD, and there are quite a few ways to host your first Walking Dead Murder Mystery Party in Atlanta.

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“We Have To Get Ready”

Choose Your Location (Carefully)

AMC’s adaptation of The Walking Dead has been filmed in Atlanta since Frank Darabont was the series Showrunner. Over the years, episodes have been filmed all over the city. Even the pilot episode features the iconic scene of Rick riding down Interstate 85 all by himself.

If you can host your party near one of TWD’s film locations, that’d really help set the mood.Even if you can’t, try to host your party in a space with lots of room and lots of foliage – somewhere that looks like a location from the show or comics.

Stock Up On Supplies

When all is said and done, you’ll have a very lengthy checklist if you want to properly host this party. You’ll need typical party supplies as well as intricate props to really set the mood.

The Walking Dead takes place in a world in disarray. Wherever you host your party, try to make the setting look disheveled and disused. Fake dust and cobwebs can help. So can cardboard signs with cryptic messages painted on them.

Write A Script for Your Mystery

You may not be a Hollywood screenwriter (yet), but you’d certainly benefit from plotting out your murder mystery. The more elaborate your party is, the more detailed your script will need to be.

Be as detail-oriented as possible, then study your script long before the party. This goes without saying, but don’t let your guests see the script – it takes the whole mystery element out of the equation.

Assign Characters To Your Guests

When people attend murder mystery parties, they don’t have to come as themselves – they can also play the role of a character that you come up with.

Create backstories for these characters and think of valid reasons why one might try to murder the other. Assigning characters also means that you’ll choose who the murderer is – and who their accomplices are if they have any.

Aim For Authenticity

The set designers, prop makers, and makeup artists on TWD are all unsung heroes. These people are responsible for making the show look and feel authentic. Authenticity is the main thing we want to recreate at your party.

Cell phones don’t work in TWD and running electricity isn’t always abundant. Implement a no-cellphone rule for the duration of the event, use candles for lighting, and serve survival food – canned goods, nonperishables, and goodies like that.

Cram All The References You Can

There are countless iconic moments in the comics and show (or shows, what with the spin-offs). A TWD themed party wouldn’t be complete without referencing those moments in creative ways.

Include a “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” sign on the entrance to your party. Use a “bloodied” teddy bear to reference the young Walker from episode one. And a replica of Michonne’s katana wouldn’t go unnoticed.

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Landscape photo of Interstate 85 (Source: Ronny Sison on Unsplash)

“Home Sweet Home” Or TWD Party Locations

Finding the right location to host a murder mystery party can be hard. We have a few suggestions to help get the ball rolling.

The eComplex

TWD is such a harrowing series because it takes place in a ruined version of our world. The eComplex is a 4,000 square foot content creation studio that’s highly customizable.

With plenty of props and a little imagination, you can make this place look like a fallout shelter. You can also play it straight and dress up the eComplex as a destroyed studio.

The Garage

Flexibility goes a long way when choosing a party venue. The Garage (aka Tech Square ATL) has balcony seating areas, moveable furniture, and breakout rooms – making it a very flexible location indeed.

A hose can easily transform this cool garage into a paramilitary compound – the sort of place the Governor and Negan called home. This is the type of gathering space that looks welcoming at day, yet terrifying at night.

King Plow Event Gallery

The King Plow Event Gallery is a very old-school venue that can house anywhere from 400 to 800 guests. It’s a striking party space with lots of room and a brick-and-mortar aesthetic.

It also looks like the sort of place Rick and his companions have used a hideout, especially in the earlier seasons. This cozy event space can look very rugged with a little bit of effort.

“The End Is The Beginning”

A party like this can feel tough to pull off but with the right party space and props, it’s in the bag. Remember that you’re smart enough and creative enough to host a unique and successful event. Refer to this guide if you ever get stuck.

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