Blumhouse Developing New Queer Empowerment Movie WHISTLER CAMP

John Logan is the writer of Skyfall and Alien: Covenant. He will make his directorial debut with Whistler Camp, a new horror film for Blumhouse. We hear it’s “a queer empowerment story set at a gay conversion camp”. The film is currently casting.

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Logan received the Tony Award for his play Red. He also wrote the book for the musical Moulin Rouge. As a screenwriter, he is a three-time Academy Award nominee. Plus he has received Golden Globe, BAFTA, WGA, and Edgar awards. His films include Skyfall, Spectre, Gladiator, The Aviator, and Hugo. Not to mention The Last Samurai, Sweeney Todd, Rango, Alien: Covenantand Any Given Sunday.

He also created Penny Dreadful for Showtime.

Jason Blum and Michael Aguilar (Penny Dreadful, Kidding) will produce Whistler Camp. Ryan Turek is overseeing for Blumhouse.

That’s all the news we have about Whistler Camp at the moment. But we’ll keep you updated as additional details about the new Blumhouse movie are released.

Stay tuned and check back often!

Written by Logan and Dante Harper and directed by Ridley Scott, Alien: Covenant begins on the colony ship Covenant. It’s bound for the far side of the galaxy. Crew members (Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup) discover what they think to be an uncharted paradise. There they meet David (Michael Fassbender), the synthetic survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. The mysterious world soon turns dark and dangerous. And an alien life-form forces the crew into a fight for survival.

The science-fiction sequel sports a 65% approval rating over on Rotten Tomatoes. The Critics Consensus reads. Alien: Covenant delivers another satisfying round of close-quarters deep-space terror. Even if it doesn’t take the saga in any new directions.

John Logan

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