Paranormal Activity – The Degloshis Face the Wrath of Mom

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The ongoing tie-in Paranormal Activity viral series continues, this time with the most horrid thing Jacob has ever encountered… the truly evil witch known as… The Ex-Wife! *insert dramatic musical stinger here*

After the terrifying events of the last couple of days, Jacob took to Twitter this morning with the following updates.

“Karyn won’t stop calling. She seems frantic and wants to see Sarah. Sarah doesn’t want to see her.”

“Crazy exes are not good for your mental health.”

“Sarah seems to be a lot better today than she has been recently. She seems happier and is sleeping better. Relieved.”

“Karyn (my ex wife) came over today (uninvited) to give Sarah a necklace. I videotaped this to document it. I’ve learned my lesson with her. “

To keep up with these events, we suggest you follow along here with our files on Jacob Degloshi.

For those who missed the past several stories and are wondering what this is all about…

While surfing around looking for more Paranormal Activity 4 stuff to bring you, we came across the Facebook page, YouTube account and Twitter profile of one Mr. Jacob Degloshi of Henderson, Nevada. Who is he, you might ask? Really good question. The truth is we’re not sure.

Paranormal Activity 4 (review), directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, is in theaters everywhere NOW. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive Paranormal Activity Timeline to really relive the ghosts of Halloween past!

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