Ryan Murphy Reveals Top 4 New AMERICAN HORROR STORY Themes – Vote Now!

Once again, showrunner Ryan Murphy is asking fans to help guide the future of AMERICAN HORROR STORY

By Josh Millican

Season 10 of the Ryan Murphy anthology American Horror Story will be called Double Feature and will include two distinct narratives in a single season: One on land and one on sea. But there’s no chance this will be the final season as the show has already been greenlit through Season 13. Not only that, a spinoff is in the works called American Horror Stories.


Last week, Ryan Murphy asked fans to vote on potential future storylines for American Horror Story, offering six choices at the time: Aliens, X-mas horror, Bloody Mary, Sirens, Piggy Man, or plague!

Today, Ryan Murphy presented the top 4 options and asked fans to vote again. You can make your voice heard by responding to the tweet below with your favorite hashtag! The final choices are Aliens, Bloody Mary, Sirens, and Plague!

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Regular readers of Dread Central know I’ve been hoping Ryan Murphy would dedicate a season to Aliens for years now. I thought for certain they’d go that direction for the eighth season, considering the number 8 looks so much like a crop circle. Aliens haven’t popped up in AHS lore since Season 2 (Asylum) and I, personally, have been itching for their return!

AHS 10Poster - Ryan Murphy Reveals Top 4 New AMERICAN HORROR STORY Themes - Vote Now!

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