Detroit’s Crowdfunded ROBOCOP Statue is Now Finally Complete

RoboCop Retruns 750x422 - Detroit’s Crowdfunded ROBOCOP Statue is Now Finally Complete

Back in 2011, the world decided Detroit needed a statue of RoboCop. And now, a decade later, it’s ready to go up… Somewhere. The initial plan was to place the finished statue in Roosevelt Park. But then the plan turned to place it in Tech Town, Belle Isle, and finally the Michigan Science Center. But now it will no longer be held in the Michigan Science Center and will move into storage, awaiting its new home.

The Michigan Science Center said in a statement: “We are thankful to the Imagination Station team and their partners for including the Michigan Science Center in the RoboCop statue journey,. Working with Imagination Station in 2018, MiSci, a private non-profit museum that receives no city, state or federal operating funding, had planned to install the 11-foot-tall bronze sculpture adjacent to the Center in conjunction with improvements to our grounds. But, given the pandemic’s unprecedented pressures, MiSci’s resources must now be entirely focused on our core mission of serving Michigan’s students and families. The creation of the bronze work, which combines centuries-old metalworking techniques with 21st-century technology, remains an amazing STEM story. As Michigan’s STEM hub, MiSci hopes to be able to support Imagination Station in the search for a new and appropriate home for this iconic work.”

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That said, sources are confident the stakeholders supporting of the statue will help see that it finds a suitable home. And, if everything goes according to plan, the statue will go up, at last, forever marking one point in time in the city’s history.

Venus Bronze Works’ Giorgio Gikas says: “It’s something that will be enjoyed and respected by generations and generations. The citizens will have a nice piece.”

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