Prehistoric Flying Reptiles Invade The Wild West In COWGIRLS VS. PTERODACTYLS Trailer

The trailer for COWGIRLS VS. PTERODACTYLS is probably the craziest thing you'll see all day!

With a title like Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls, you probably already know everything you need to know about the film in question. Either way, you can view the trailer for Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls in the player below, and it’s honestly the craziest thing you’re likely to see all day. The filmmakers appear to have been inspired by The Valley of Gwangi, which can only be a good thing.

Madelyn Wiley stars as a schoolteacher named Rebecca Crawford, who is forced to team up with a gunslinging cowboy and a feisty prostitute to rescue her husband after he is carried off by a prehistoric flying reptile. Judging from the trailer and the title, there will be multiple pterodactyls featured throughout the film, and you have to love those cheesy old-school practical creature effects. 

In addition to Crawford, Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls also stars Haley Zega, Jonathan Tamez, Dani Thompson, and Carmen Vienhage. On the other hand, director Joshua Kennedy already has a number of other fantasy-themed horror movies under his belt, including Dracula A.D. 2015, The Night of Medusa, Theseus and the Minotaur, and House of the Gorgon.

Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls is now available on Amazon Prime, and can also be purchased on Blu-ray from the Gooey Films Store. The Blu-ray is priced at $25.00 and includes a number of bonus features such as a director’s commentary and a forty-five minute making of documentary. But stocks are limited, so don’t waste any time if you want to add this incredibly strange film to your physical media collection.

Cowgirls vs Pterodactyls poster 1 1024x1196 - Prehistoric Flying Reptiles Invade The Wild West In COWGIRLS VS. PTERODACTYLS Trailer