FRIGAY THE 13TH Horror Podcast Joins the DREAD Podcast Network!

We're happy to announce that FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast is joining the DREAD Podcast Network! Welcome Matty and Andrew!

frigay the 13th 750x422 - FRIGAY THE 13TH Horror Podcast Joins the DREAD Podcast Network!

Horror is a worldwide, diverse family. We are a community of misfits who unite under the banner of fantastic, scary cinema. Since its inception, Dread Podcast Network has aimed to represent this diversity within the fandom in a positive manner, giving a platform for horror fans to gather and celebrate the genre together. As such, it is a great pleasure for us to share that our family will be a bit bigger, starting today. Dread Central is proud to announce that FriGay The 13th Horror Podcast is officially part of our podcast network. Andrew Huff and Matty Zaradich’s podcast explores horror–in real life and in the movies–from an LGBTQ+ perspective. They join a roster of amazing original content, which includes G.U.T.S., Who Goes There?, The Boulet Brothers’ Creatures of the Night, and Kim and Ket Stay Alive… Maybe.

The first episode of FriGay the 13th with Dread Podcast Network drops Sunday, February 21st. You can find the synopsys for this episode below. 


As Newman once said on Seinfeld, “Love is a spice with many tastes; a dizzying array of textures and moments.” Well, eat up, kids, because the boys have prepared a spicy dish for you, all about LOVE. Andrew has some scary stories to share, and Matty has some thoughts on the terrifying nature of love, and why we keep doing it wrong.


THE CRUSH and FEAR? Yikes, you may never want to date anyone ever again!


Listen in to hear what the boys have been watchin’… bitch!


Hear from your fellow FriGays as we play real recordings of voicemails left on the FriGay Hotline!

A Word from Matty and Andrew

We’re so excited to join Dread Podcast Network. When we started producing FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast we wanted to create a show that provided a space for horror fans to engage not just with horror films, but with the horrors we see in everyday life.

We’re so proud of the community we’ve built, and especially of the welcoming space we’ve created for LGBTQ+ horror fans. And now, with Dread Podcast Network, we can share our perspective with even more amazing horror fans. 

Matty and Andrew

FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast is a must listen to anyone who is a real fan of horror”, says Epic Pictures Group CEO Patrick Ewald. “With their LGBTQ+ perspective, Matty and Andrew explore not only the films and shows we love to fear but, as they say, also the horrors we face in real life, everyday. We are truly lucky to welcome them to our growing family at Dread Podcast Network”. Dread Podcast Network is a proud member of Epic Pictures Group. 

“With the addition of FriGay the 13th and Horror Hookups to our lineup of shows, we are proud to continue our mission of supporting indie creators as we embark on an incredible 15 years of podcasting here at Dread Central”, company co-founder Jon Condit said of the signing. “The FriGay team joins us at a very exciting time for podcasting and we look forward to fans having even more to enjoy and engage with”.
New episodes of FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast will haunt Dread Podcast Network every other Sunday. Periodically, special interviews called Horror Hookups will connect listeners with artists in the horror genre. The Dread family welcomes Matty and Andrew with open arms. We are certain that listeners, both new and old, will love their upcoming adventures.

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