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As Expected – Resident Evil: Retribution Wins the Box Office



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As Expected - Resident Evil: Retribution Wins the Box OfficeResident Evil: Retribution opened #1 at the box office this weekend and was even bigger internationally. I hope you’re happy. You know who you are. In psychological terms, you’d be referred to as “enablers”.

Resident Evil: Retribution opened to $21 million this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. That’s actually a disappointing number given the inflated 3D ticket prices and how the previous Resident Evil: Afterlife (also in 3D) opened to over $26 million. In fact, this is the lowest opening for any Resident Evil since the original. Nonetheless, that was more than enough to stave off the 3D rerelease of Finding Nemo for the top slot.

The Paul WS Anderson/Mila Jovovich three-dimensional brain cell assault also received a “C+” Cinemascore rating indicating even the target audience for these films may be growing weary. That won’t make much difference globally where the franchise’s success continues to grow with each film. The worldwide box office for Retribution could be enough for the Resident Evil film franchise to cross the $1 billion mark.

We can pretty much expect to see Resident Evil movies between now and the rest of time. Paul WS Anderson continues laughing all the way to the bank and Mila Jovovich’s bedroom. I hope you’re all happy.

The Possession continues to hang in there at the #3 slot with another $5.8 million weekend. That brings it to about $44 million domestically.

Also of note this weekend is the continuing downfall of Nic Cage; his latest thriller, Stolen, opened on all of 141 theaters and made a paltry $204,000. Compare that to The Master, the latest from the good Paul Anderson; it only opened in 5 theaters and still made an astounding $730,000 for the weekend. Not a fair comparison, but maybe this should serve as a good notice to Cage that maybe it’s time to stop playing action hero and get back to the quirky indie roles that earned him an Oscar.

Next weekend sees Jennifer Laurence terrorized in House on the End of the Street and Dredd 3D finally blasts its way to the screen.

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