Tom Savini’s Night of the Living Dead Coming to Blu-ray

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Tom Savini’s 1990 version of the George A. Romero classic Night of the Living Dead is coming to limited edition Blu-ray courtesy of Screen Archives Entertainment, and we’ve got the skinny on what to expect.

The film stars Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman, McKee Anderson, William Butler, Tom Towles, Katie Finnerman, and Bill Moseley. Special features include an isolated score track, an audio commentary with filmmaker Tom Savini, and the original theatrical trailer. The release date is October 9th.

The only hitch? This Blu-ray is limited to a run of only 3,000, and the ONLY way to get it is to order directly from Screen Archives Entertainment here.

Night of the Living Dead (1990)—a George Romero-approved remake of his 1968 cult horror classic directed by makeup wizard Tom Savini—tells once again the chilling tale of seven people holed-up in a farmhouse besieged by armies of the undead. As the terrified little group fight for their lives, they begin to find themselves as plagued by the evil lurking within as by the ravening flesh-eaters battering on hastily boarded-up windows and doors. “Splatter King” Savini keeps things moving—and the blood flowing—as the survivors dwindle one by one.

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