Stephen King’s Absolute Favorite TV Adaptation of Them All Is…

From IT to The Tommyknockers, Stephen King has been a staple of the mini-series for decades now. But what do you consider to be The King of Horror’s crowning television achievement? His pick might surprise you…

King tells NYTimes: “[Storm of the Century] is my absolute favorite of all of them. I loved Colm Feore as Linoge, and I loved the story. They filmed it in Southwest Harbor in Maine in the wintertime and they got the snow, so you get the sense of this awesome blizzard and the people trapped in it. They did a terrific job.”

Now, Storm of the Century was technically not an adaptation. It was an original mini-series Stephen King wrote for NBC. It follows Colm Feore as Andre Linoge, a nefarious demon who terrorizes a small Maine island town during a brutal blizzard.

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If you need a longer synopsis, here ya go: Mike Anderson, the constable of the isolated Maine island hamlet Little Tall Island, is facing the toughest challenge of his career. Not only is a devastating winter storm bearing down on his community, but it brings with it one Andre Linoge, a sinister stranger. Linoge, who may just be the devil incarnate, has an uncanny knowledge of all of the town’s dark secrets, and he uses that knowledge to drive some of the locals to murder and suicide. With each horrific event, Linoge repeats his demand: “Give me what I want and I’ll go away.” What he wants, however, is more horrifying still.

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Do you dig Stephen King’s Storm of the Century?

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