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The Darkness (click to see it bigger)Movies in the public domain are interesting beasts as they are free to copy and mess about with at anyone’s leisure. They’ve been colorized, edited into other films for comic effect, and more, but I don’t think what The Darkness is doing with them has been done before…

Ah yes, The Darkness, Starbreeze’s game based on the comic of the same name and their follow-up to the very well received Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher’s Bay. Right from the beginning the folks at Starbreeze have shown that they like to tread a different path, and Riddick demonstrated that they’re pretty adept at doing so.

For The Darkness they don’t want control to be taken away from the player unless absolutely necessary, and one of the ways they’re avoiding this is by putting the exposition and info dumps into news broadcasts you’ll be able to watch on TV.

This isn’t a wholly new idea; other games have done similar things (the Max Payne series springs to mind), but what makes The Darkness different is what happens to the TV when the news finishes. According to Eurogamer, it doesn’t just start looping adverts or go to static or switch itself off… no, it’ll start playing a film… an ENTIRE film. Heck, if you don’t want to watch the news, you can apparently change the channel and start watching something else.

The Xbox 360 version will have around 10 hours of movies while the PS3 version will likely have more (due to its bigger disc size), and the films aren’t “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” throwaway crap either. We’re talking the original Nosferatu and Hitchcock movies.

While it’s unlikely that many gamers will stand and watch a small TV on their big TV for the whole movie, as far as wanting to add to the realism of the game, it’s a very interesting and original idea.

The Darkness looks to be shaping up pretty nicely and is currently set for an early release next year on PS3 and Xbox 360 simultaneously.


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