ORPHAN 2 Star Isabelle Fuhrman Shares Bloody New Pic

ORPHAN 2 Bloody BTS Pic 750x422 - ORPHAN 2 Star Isabelle Fuhrman Shares Bloody New Pic

Director William Brent Bell (The Boy) is shooting Orphan prequel Orphan: First Kill in Winnipeg with Isabelle Fuhrman returning as Esther and Julia Stiles (Dexter).

Fuhrman took to Instagram to share a bloody behind the scenes pic. She writes: “shaving cream showers and a whole lot of fake blood… this is our last week on.”

ORPHAN 2 1024x824 - ORPHAN 2 Star Isabelle Fuhrman Shares Bloody New Pic

Check out her post HERE.

Don’t Look Now and Invasion of the Body Snatchers star Donald Sutherland’s son Rossif Sutherland (Kiefer Sutherland’s half-brother) has also joined the cast of the Orphan prequel. Sutherland recently starred in Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor.

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Written by David Coggeshall, the new Orphan follows “Esther” as she makes a brilliant escape from a psychiatric facility. She travels to America by impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family. But her new life comes with a wrinkle. Now she’s pitted against a mother who will protect her family at any cost.

The film uses forced perspective and a world-class makeup team to help Fuhrman bring her character to life again. Alex Mace, Hal Sadoff, Ethan Erwin, and James Tomlinson produce with David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick as executive producer.

The first Orphan followed a couple, (Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard) who decide to adopt a child after the devastating loss of their unborn baby. At the orphanage, both feel drawn to a little girl (Fuhrman) named Esther. Soon they take their new daughter home. But then a dangerous series of events unfold. Now they begin to suspect there’s something evil lurking behind the child’s angelic exterior.

ORPHAN 2 Bloody BTS Pic 1024x536 - ORPHAN 2 Star Isabelle Fuhrman Shares Bloody New Pic

Are you up for Orphan: First Kill?

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