The 6th Annual B-Movie Celebration Unveils its Fully Loaded Line-Up

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This weekend those in Montreal are experiencing the Fantasia International Film Festival. The annual B-Movie Celebration held in Franklin, Indiana, is rapidly turning into the Fantasia of b-filmdom. The 6th annual event is next month, and we’ve got the loaded line-up.

The 6th annual B-Movie Celebration will be take place September 14-16th in Franklin, Indiana. Originally a showcase for classic b-movies of the past with a few premieres tossed into the mix, it has now morphed into a showcase for recent and forthcoming b-movies and short films from all across the globe. This year’s titles are listed below.

For more information on the fest and how you can attend, head over to the official B-Movie Celebration website.

Features Selection:

1.] “Gila!” [United States. 96 min.]
2.] “Bio-Slime.” [United States. 90 min.]
3.] “Primitive.” [United States. 86 min.]
4.] “Virgin Beach Creature.” [Indonesia. 80 min.]
5.] “Synevir.” [Ukraine. 89 min.]
6.] “The Tentacle’s Claw.” [Canada. 68 min.]
7.] “Metamorphosis.” [United Kingdom. 102 min.]
8.] “Empress Vampire.” [China/United States. 90 min. ]
9.] “Lisl And The Lorlock.” [United States. 90 min.]
10.] “Spores.” [Russia. 80 min.]
11.] “Jonah Lives.” [United States. 94 min.]
12.] “Zombies From Outer Space.” [Germany 90 min.]
13.] “Monkey Boy.” [Italy 79 min.]
14.] “The Caretaker.” [Australia. 98 min.]
15.] “The Woodsman.” [Belize./United States. 113 min.]
16.] “Poisoned.” [Israel 45 min.]
17.] “House Of Ghosts.” [United States. 77 min.]
18.] “Tartarus.” [Austria 106 min.]
19.] “LizardMan: The Terror Of The Swamp.” [United States. 80 min]
20.] “Attack Of The Indian Werewolf.” [South Africa. 88 min.]
21.] “Return Of The Killer Shrews.” [United States.]
22.] “Frankenstein: Day Of The Beast.” [United States. 90 min.]
23.] “2-Headed Shark Attack.” [United States 88 min.]
24.] “From Beneath.” [United States. 82 min.]
25.] “I Am A Ghost.” [United States. 74 min.]
26.] “Crustacean.” [United States. 92 min.]
27.] “Grizzly.” [United States. 91 min.]
28.] “Armed Response.” [United States. 86 min.]

Shorts Selection:
1.] “Huhu Attack.” [New Zealand. 15 min.]
2.] “Attack Of The Brainsucker.” [Canada 14 min.]
3.] “Bait.” [Denmark.14 min.]
4.] “Bygone Behemoth.” [United States. 6 min]
5.] “Waiting For Gorgo.” [United Kingdom.18 min.]
6.] “Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii.” [United States.10 min.]
7.] “Giant Monster Playset.” [United States. 12 min.]
8.] “The Legend Of Ol’ Goldie.” [United Kingdom. 8 min.]
9.] “The Midge”. [United Kingdom.11 min.]
10.] “Squid.” [United States. 4 min.]
11.] “Play Dead.” [United States. 18 min.]
12.] “Giant Squid.” [United States. 8 min.]
13.] “Certified.” [United States. 9 min.]
14.] “Attack Of The Giant Brain Sucker Monster From Outer Space.” [France. 19 min.]
15.] “The God Of Clay.” [Japan. 13 min.]
16.] “Red Blob Massacre.” [United States. 23 min.]
17.] “Eaglewalk.” [United States. 30 min.]
18.] “Vicki.” [United States. 14 min.]
19.] “Banks Of The Vltava.” [United States. 18 min.]
20.] “The Acid Spiders.” [Australia. 15 min.]
21.] “Children Of Stone.” [United States. 17 min.]
22.] “Decapoda Shock.” [Spain. 10 min.]
23.] “The Beast From 20 Zillion Years Ago.” [United States. 7 min.]
24,] “ManClam: The Shell From Hell.” [Canada. 9 min.]
25.] “Snails!” [Cargols!] [Spain 17 min.]
26.] “The Narrative of Victor Karloch.” [United States. 15 min.]
27.] “Earwigs!” [United States.]
28.] “Attack Of The Killer Mutant Chickens.” [ Bangladesh. 15 min.]
29.] “BLARGHAAAHRGARG”. [ Portugal. 14 min.]
30.] “The Relief Keeper.” [ United States. 17 min.]

bmc - The 6th Annual B-Movie Celebration Unveils its Fully Loaded Line-Up

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