New Screenshots Appear for Dungeons & Dragons Online Expansion

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Dungeons & Dragons Online has just revealed new screenshots from its latest horrifying Expansion. Menace of the Underdark is the scariest expansion yet for the PC game and in the new screenshots you will get a look at the House of the Broken Chains!

From the Press Release
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment reveals 8 new screenshots from the House of Broken Chains dungeon as featured in the new Menace of the Underdark expansion pack, which launched on June 25th. The dungeon features slaves pit against slave masters in battle and presents one of the new dynamics in Menace of the Underdark.

Menace of the Underdark, the first expansion to Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), the award-winning free-to-play MMORPG developed by Turbine launched on June 25, 2012 expanding for the first time into the beloved Forgotten Realms setting and the vast subterranean world of the Underdark, an increased level cap, the new Druid class and the 3 Forgotten Realms Adventure packs that feature a multitude of epic adventures, unprecedented new wilderness areas with challenging objectives, a host of dungeons and more.

Key Features

  • The King’s Forest — Explore deep into the King’s Forest and defend the village of Eveningstar from Lolth’s Drow legions.
  • The Underdark — Venture down into the Underdark and confront Lolth’s elite followers in the Drow city of Sschindlyryn.
  • The Demonweb — Journey to Lolth’s home plane in this Raid quest, battle demon hordes and confront the spider goddess herself as you attempt to stop her scheme.
  • You can visit the official Dungeons & Dragons Online website to learn more about the game and expansions.

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    slay2 - New Screenshots Appear for Dungeons & Dragons Online Expansion

    slay3 - New Screenshots Appear for Dungeons & Dragons Online Expansion

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