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Hatchet 3 Set Interview: Jason Trost

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hatchet - Hatchet 3 Set Interview: Jason TrostJason Trost, the eyepatched young co-writer/director/star of The FP (available now on DVD and Blu-ray), appears in the BJ McDonnell-directed Hatchet 3, which wrapped photography in Louisiana on Sunday. He talked exclusively with Dread Central from the set about The FP, going wild in the swamps, and what’s next on his slate.

I play Deputy Hamilton in Hatchet 3,” he reveals, walking through a rain-drenched Louisiana swamp. The skies have opened up this afternoon and turned the once-dry roads leading in and out of the marsh into a near-impassable sludge. “He’s a no bullshit Southern dude who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and just needs to get to the bottom of the case he’s been thrown into.

No stranger to roughing it after the years-long battle to get The FP made, Trost laughs off any misconceptions about how hard it is shooting in an actual Louisiana swamp. “It’s a blast down here. The swamp locations are completely bitchin’, but I’ve never encountered so many bugs in my entire life. I can’t believe how well everyone’s powering through. Every time I want to bitch and complain about how many bugs there are, I see the crew members dealing with it ten times as bad and I shut my mouth.

That said,” he admits, “it’s pretty neat. I mean, how many places can you go work on set and see gators swimming by?

Catching sight of his fellow cast member Sean Whalen, Trost says, “I met Sean on Laid to Rest, which led to us hiring him for The FP. I’m so happy to share scenes with him in this as well. I mean, what are the chances that the two of us would randomly end up in this movie together? It’s awesome. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that we love to fuck with each other ALL the time. I spent one whole evening on set just trying to come up with way for him to miss the season finale of ‘Mad Men’, which he was desperately trying to get back in time for.

As for how his experience in the swamp differs from The FP: “It’s a completely different world. I have a trailer down here! Given its financial limitations, The FP was like going to war. I love that film with all my heart, but I’ve gotta admit Hatchet is a smooth ride compared to the challenge of getting The FP made. And now that it’s about to hit DVD, I’m excited for it find a new audience with people who didn’t have a chance to see it in theaters.”

When pressed about upcoming roles, the usually open Trost goes uncharacteristically silent. “I have some really amazing new stuff coming up, but I can’t talk about it right now. I’m really fired up about a few of them, and I think they’re going to be incredible.

Hatchet 3‘s cast and crew have now left Louisiana but move to Los Angeles for pick-ups later this summer. The film from director BJ McDonnell (taking over for series creator Adam Green) is gearing up for a 2013 release. Look for more from the set soon!

jasont - Hatchet 3 Set Interview: Jason Trost

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