Conjure Up Fun in Spellbound

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Spellbound is a fast-paced multiplayer game that puts you into a battle for your life against other wizards. You will have a wide array of spells but must use them strategically since depleting your mana too fast may be the end of you!

From the Press Release
Spellbound is a multiplayer spell-flinger where Wizards with hats use a wide variety of magic to defeat opponents who also wear hats. Spells range from the short-ranged Shock, which delivers a blast of lightning from the Wizard’s hand, to the explosive Seed of Fire, which sows seeds of flame and reaps burnt hats, to the gale-force whirlwind that is Dark Storm, to throwable explosive potions such as Acid Bomb and Icy Hot Tonic.

Currently available for play are Death Match and Horde modes, as well as a single-player version of Horde mode that may leave prospective Wizards throwing their hats to the ground in frustration. Multiplayer Death Match and Horde support at least eight prospective Wizards at a time; they will be able to cooperate with or incinerate each other at their discretion.

Spellbound is coming later this year for PC.

Visit the official Spellbound website to learn more or download the game.

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