Tony Todd Ready to Return to FINAL DESTINATION

We’ve all heard rumors here and there that the Final Destination is heading for a reboot sometime soon here. Maybe even with EMTs and firefighters. And today, franchise mascot (?) Tony Todd confirms he’s ready to return to the series.

Todd tells MovieWeb: “Not official talks but [producer] Jeffrey Reddick, a dear friend of mine who created the original story. I have a long history…So yeah, if it were up to Jeffrey and me, I’d be the person. But we don’t know yet. I know they’ve had several attempts at scripts. They’re still trying to figure out the right puzzle if that’s the right term for Final Destination.”

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The last time we saw the series on the big screen was in Steven Quale’s Final Destination 5 with Emma Bell. That flick centered on a corporate retreat that turns deadly when a dude, you guessed it, experiences a horrifying vision. This time death comes via a sinister suspension bridge. When his vision ends, the guy takes saves (some) of his buddies but they soon find Death will not be denied.

Here’s the trailer.

Written by Mike Sprague

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