Netflix Nabs Alexandre Aja’s French Survival Thriller O2 with Mélanie Laurent

Netflix has nabbed director Alexandre Aja’s (Crawl, The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D) French survival thriller O2 with production beginning today.

Aja says: “After a period spent in lockdown, a project which in its core explores confinement and claustrophobia was a no-brainer, almost a necessity. I am very enthusiastic to collaborate with Wild Bunch and Mélanie Laurent and to begin a beautiful creative adventure with Netflix.”

Written by Christie LeBlanc, it tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in a medical cryo unit. She doesn’t remember who she is or how she ended up in a box no larger than a coffin. As she’s running out of oxygen, she must rebuild her memory to find a way out of her nightmare.

Producer Vincent Maraval adds: “With thanks to Netflix, we are delighted to be able to bring Alexandre Aja back to France. We worked with him on Piranha 3D and are excited to collaborate again on O2: an ambitious film in a genre that French cinema is not often exploring.”

Melanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds) will star. Noomi Rapace and Anne Hathaway were once attached with Franck Khalfoun (Maniac) directing.

Netflix’s David Kosse & Gaëlle Mareschi: “We are extremely excited to be working with French cult director Alexandre Aja, surrounded by a fantastic French cast led by Mélanie Laurent, and brought to us by Vincent Maraval. With O2, Aja is taking us on a thrilling and unexpected ride physically but also emotionally, bringing his imagination to another level.”

Aja and Maraval produce with Gregory Levasseur, Brahim Chioua, and Noëmie Devide. Mathieu Amalric and Malik Zidi co-star.

It hits Netflix in mid-2021. Are you excited? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



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