New Look at Turistas

turistaspic1 - New Look at TuristasFox Atomic just posted a slice from upcoming horror film Turistas over at its official site. I hesitate to even really call it a clip; it’s more of a series of random, disturbing images that seem to be set around a girl having something very, very unpleasant done to her.

Turistas is about a group of vacationers who get lost in the jungles of Brazil and will likely make a very strong case for why Americans shouldn’t be traveling abroad right now. I recently chatted with the film’s writer, Michael Ross, the results of which you will be able to read very soon; it’s good stuff!

The clip is here for whenever you’re ready to check it out. The boys at Bloody Disgusting also learned that on Tuesday, October 31st, the Fox Atomic site will be taken over by the Carnival of Lost Souls, who will be unleashing all sorts of new content including our first look at 28 Weeks Later and The Hills Have Eyes 2. So make sure you keep your eyeballs on Fox Atomic’s site so you don’t miss a thing! Turistas opens everywhere on December 1st!

Johnny Butane

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