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Music Video: “Geduldsfaden” by AMER is Directed by Sodom & Chimera’s James Quinn

James Quinn is the creative engine behind Sodom & Chimera Productions, the studio behind extreme arthouse offerings like Flesh of the Void and the horror short Daughter of Dismay. Most recently, Quinn lent his talents to the band Amer, directing a haunting and unnerving video for their single “Geduldsfaden”.


“Geduldsfaden” is a gloomy musical blend of melancholic post-metal with powerful, heavy riffs and intense vocals. Give it a spin and read more about the video below.

Video Description:
Directed by Sodom & Chimera Productions’ James Quinn, the video was shot in anamorphic black and white, presenting an eerie and nightmarish vision of surreal, dream-like images, combining arthouse cinematography with performance videos of the band themselves, starring Viennese actor Christian Holzmann as the lead.

In the video, the lead wanders through a field in front of an old house, which seems to put him under some sort of spell. He tries to walk away from it but struggles as he can’t resist going back. Ultimately he enters the house, where strange familiarity awaits him. 

“The inspiration for this was taken from an old house at the end of my street, which has been in the neighborhood for as long as I can think,” Quinn tells us exclusively. “The lights are never on inside, even at night, but there’s always smoke coming out of the chimney. No one is ever seen in front of it, but the chairs out in the front yard regularly change to weird patterns. I felt this strange sense of wanting to enter it every time I drove by, almost as if it possessed me, which became the main theme of the video.

“Visually, it was more inspired by paintings than movies, especially the first shots in the field. Some of the later shots were inspired by an old German short film titled “Der Schrei” (“The Scream”) about a dystopian world in which love is a crime, something that’s not related thematically, but was inspiring visually. I only found out about it by obtaining a 16mm print of it and, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else.”

The film marks Sodom & Chimera Productions’ 13th production (including the ones still ongoing), with more music videos coming soon. Stay up to date on all their projects at, or at www.facebook/sodomchimera.

Poster 1 1024x1536 - Music Video: "Geduldsfaden" by AMER is Directed by Sodom & Chimera's James Quinn

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Written by Josh Millican

Josh Millican is the Editor in Chief at Dread Central.

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