Stay for Dinner in Our Exclusive Clip from Upcoming Horror-Comedy CANNIBAL COMEDIAN

Filmmaker Sean Haitz made waves in 2019 for his circus-themed debut horror feature, Big Top Evil. Now, he’s hard at work in post-production on his latest film, Cannibal Comedian! “We are all very excited about how this project is coming out,” Haitz tells us. “The performances were better than I could have ever imagined. The originality of this film and colorful characters will shine! The story and structure is original and fun.”

Last week, we shared the latest trailer for Cannibal Comedian, and today, we’re thrilled to share an exclusive clip from the film. Dig in by pressing “Play” at the top of the article. Read more about Cannibal Comedian below.

A psychopathic cannibal, fed up with his lack of ambition, tries his hand at stand-up comedy in an attempt to satisfy his appetite for normalcy.

Cannibal Comedian stars Robert Dunne, Aaron Prager, and Austin Judd. Producers hoping to get the film into some festivals for this year (like Screamfest and/or Shriekfest). We’ll keep you updated as the film progresses.

Haitz continues: “We nailed it out of the park with scare factor, disturbing cannibalism and the comedic charm and sort of innocence to it all. It even has a bit of a love story factor. When we were on set we all vibed so well and we knew we were doing something special. I believe in my heart we got something fun for horror fans and stand up comedians! We had laugh out loud times where we had to cut because I couldn’t hold it in. Then disgusting times like the human meat grinder watching actual meat come through with blood and guts! We have a lot stand up comedy in the film too with great LA comics.”

Cannibal Comedian Poster - Stay for Dinner in Our Exclusive Clip from Upcoming Horror-Comedy CANNIBAL COMEDIAN

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