Nightmares Unlimited Creates PHANTASM Sphere That Actually Floats!

Aficionados of horror memorabilia and high-quality, screen-accurate replicas have known about Mark Phillips and Nightmares Unlimited for years now. From chrome Phantasm spheres to Freddy Krueger gloves and Re-Animator syringes, Phillips has created some stunning works and imaginative mash-ups that we’ve featured here in the past.

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Phillips most recent project is a Phantasm sphere that actually floats!

“The Phantasm floating sphere is the result of a lot patience and electromagnets!” Phillips explains. “The outer shell and blades are very lightweight to allow the magnets to do there job. This being a prototype, I will experiment with different bases and materials. I haven’t really thought about a price point yet, as I’ll have to see how much demand there is for them.”


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Written by Josh Millican

Josh Millican is the Editor in Chief at Dread Central.

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