Eminem Breaks A Record With His New GODZILLA Song

We’ve always known that Godzilla has millions of fans around the world, so we weren’t too surprised to learn that even Eminem has a soft spot for the giant radioactive lizard. The rapper’s latest song is titled Godzilla, and although Godzilla himself sadly does not appear in any of the promotional materials (probably because of pesky copyright concerns), he was referenced several times throughout the lyrics. If you’d like to hear one of the most famous singers in the world rapping about one of the most recognizable monsters in cinematic history, you can listen to Eminem’s Godzilla in the player below.

Godzilla was featured on Eminem’s new album, Music to Be Murdered By, which was released last week to positive reviews. The late rapper Juice Wrld, who tragically passed away last month, collaborated on the song, making it one of his last works.

Eminem has also broken a world record with Godzilla, due to the fact that he was able to say a total of 229 words in 30 seconds. Hypebeat reports that this equals an incredible 7.6 words per second, and the song may even be entered into the Guinness Book of Records. This will certainly be an impressive way to honor Juice Wrld’s legacy, so fans will be pleased to see one of the late artist’s collaborations being commemorated in such a prestigious way.

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