Music Video: Wounded Touch’s Horror Infused “Excision”

A new metalcore band from Detroit, Wounded Touch, formed from the rubble of several Michigan bands, including Sunlight Ascending, Steamroller, and Sunlight’s Bane. Their debut EP, FROM DAY 0 FORWARD, was recently released via Smartpunk Records. Their metalcore sound is reminiscent of Terror, Nails, Converge, and Cave In. It’s abrupt and vicious, but primed for the pressure points triggered when suffering takes center stage.

Wounded Touch EP artwork 1024x1024 - Music Video: Wounded Touch's Horror Infused "Excision"

Today, Dread Central is thrilled to share the blistering, horrifying video for “Excision”; give it a spin embedded at the top of the article.

Across a clipped running time, the quintet plots a survival plan in the wake of broken families ruptured by divorce and dishonesty, while letting trauma and suffering be a thunderous power source.

Vocalist Nick Holland is a major horror fan, and his favorites include Dawn of the Dead (1978), The Fog, The Thing, I Saw the Devil, Silver Bullet, Dog Soldiers, and Jaws. He stays up to date with modern horror as well. Having worked as an EMT for the Fire Department in a major US city, he’s witnessed many real-life horrors as well.

Label Site: http://www.smartpunk.com/
Vinyl edition of FROM DAY 0 FORWARD available here: https://smartpunkshop.com/products/wounded-touch-from-day-0-forward

Wounded Touch band promo 1024x683 - Music Video: Wounded Touch's Horror Infused "Excision"

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