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This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday Chris Wiggins

Born on this day in 1931: actor Chris Wiggins

Wiggins is best known for his role as Jack Marshack on Friday the 13th: The Series. The show followed two cousins who inherit an antique store from an uncle they didn’t know. They find out that Uncle Lewis had made a deal with the devil to sell antiques with a deadly curse. He broke the deal and was killed. Guilt prevents them from ditching the store; instead, they work together to collect the cursed antiques and hide them away in a secure vault (since they can’t be destroyed).

Jack was an old “friend” of Lewis’. He supplied Lewis with many of the antiques in his shop, items that were curse-free until Lewis got his hands on them. Jack joins with the cousins to help them collect the antiques. He is something of a father figure in the show: older, wiser, with a tremendous knowledge of the occult.

Born in England, he started his acting career in Canada, where he spent the majority of his life. He died in 2017 after suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

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