THE ISLAND OF GIANT INSECTS Anime Film Gets A Live-Action Trailer

the island of giant insects 1 224x300 - THE ISLAND OF GIANT INSECTS Anime Film Gets A Live-Action Trailer

A new anime film called The Island of Giant Insects opened in Japan a few days ago, and a very creepy live-action trailer was released on its Japanese website. Using a live-action trailer to promote an animated film is certainly a strange move, although you won’t be forgetting this trailer in a rush, so it seems like the marketing team accomplished their goal. You can view the live-action trailer at the top of the article and the full length animated trailer HERE.

The Island of Giant Insects is a feature length version of a 21-minute original video animation that was released in Japan last year. A successful crowdfunding campaign was launched to help expand the short into a feature length film, which was then released theatrically in Japan on January 10. Thanks to Anime News Network for providing this information.

The film was directed by Takeo Takahashi and Naoyuki Tatsuwa, and was adapted from the manga created by author Yasutaka Fujimi and illustrator REDICE. Furthermore, the animation was handled by a studio known as Passione, and the Japanese voice cast includes Momo Asakura, Misato Fukuen, Marina Inoue, Takuya Eguchi, and Mao Ichimichi.

As its name suggests, The Island of Giant Insects takes place on an island populated by overgrown bugs. The film begins with a plane carrying students heading out on a field trip crashing on the island, with the survivors then having to fight off the insects until help arrives.

Crunchyroll, who co-produced The Island of Giant Insects, will also be handling international distribution. So those of us in the west can probably look forward to seeing it at some point in the near future.

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