DOCTOR SLEEP Director’s Cut Will Sport Big New Scenes

By Mike Sprague

Doctor Sleep will be released on Digital in January and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD in February with a 3-hour director’s cut, which runs 28 minutes longer than the theatrical version.

Check out the trailer HERE.

And today we have word from director Mike Flanagan himself just what we can expect to see in the 3-Hour Director’s Cut. Flanagan tells Collider:

I’m really excited that WB let me create this cut, much less release it. They really supported it – to the point that they made sure all of the new material with VFX was fully finished, additional score was composed and orchestrated just for this cut, and we did a full mix as well. They really let us do this right – it’s a finished, complete, fully polished new cut of the movie. Nothing is temp.

We shot a LOT of material for this movie, and I always knew it wouldn’t all fit. I was reticent to call this a “Director’s Cut” at first, as I absolutely love and stand by the cut I made for our theatrical release. But there was stuff I actively decided to remove from that cut that I missed, and that I would think about even weeks after the fact. I was elated when Warner Bros. expressed interest in preserving that cut for home video.

There is new material throughout the whole film. Some of it is brand new stuff that was never included in the theatrical cut, and there’s also a handful of extended (or altered) scenes as well. There was never any intention to release this cut theatrically, we always knew it was too long. But we worked on it alongside the theatrical cut throughout post, and it made it a lot easier to make hard decisions in the edit, knowing that someday this cut might see the light of day.

There are some big new scenes, for sure. I don’t want to spoil any of that, but I can say there is new material throughout (including in the final act at the Overlook). Some of my favorite stuff involved Young Danny and Wendy (there’s some terrific material with Alex Essoe I’m thrilled is restored here), and will be familiar to fans of the book. There’s also a fair amount of new stuff involving young Abra in the first act, learning about her shine, and how it affects her parents.

And there are some surprises I definitely won’t spoil here.

All in all, I think this cut is more literary than the theatrical cut. It very much feels like reading a novel… and is even broken into chapters, which gave this cut a very fun structure.

I’m very proud of it and so grateful that it’ll be available to fans.


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Doctor Sleep hits Digital on January 21 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on February 4


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