Shockfest 2019 Best Feature Nominees Banner - MOCKFEST FILM FIGHT Taking Place at SHOCKFEST 2019 This Weekend!

MOCKFEST FILM FIGHT Taking Place at SHOCKFEST 2019 This Weekend!

It’s a battle to the death, and the weapons are your own imagination! The Mockfest Film Fight taking place at Shockfest Film Festival November 22nd – 24th is a competition where teams of film students have 6 days, 6 hours and 6 minutes to complete a film to win $666.

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But what makes this competition so special is not the prize, it’s the journey to it. The films will be judged by a panel of professional filmmakers, including Writer/Director Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Last Action Hero, Predator), Brandon Slagle (The Dawn) Garo Setian (Automation) and Pearry Teo (The Assent). Film entries will screen in the three biggest entertainment capitals of the US: Las Vegas, New York City and Hollywood at Paramount Studios, regardless of winning the grand prize.

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Hosting this fight of filmmakers is legitimate black belt Jojo B. Aguilar, a professional martial artist who knows a thing or two about taking down opponents in a knock out tussle. A Judo instructor from Las Angeles who has also worked on movie sets as a Second Unit Director and a stunt man, including the classic 90s martial arts action film, Mortal Kombat.

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Sponsoring this innovative opportunity for film students is Gorilla Radio, a glass art and smoke paraphernalia shop located in Las Vegas. The motivation behind this sponsorship? A love of art and a love of movies. The products sold at Gorilla Radio are hand blown and one of a kind works of art, and many of them are based off of iconic film franchises from Ninja Turtles to Star Wars. They too have a stake in nurturing the future creators of our favorite films and wish to take part in providing an opportunity to encourage their passions and develop their skills.

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Filmmaking is not a given, it’s a difficult and arduous process with more fasces than anyone can possibly imagine beyond developing the literal skill set of using a camera. As such, raising the future artists of the world is an important and responsible job. Lucky for the UNLV film department, they have Film Chair, Dr. Heather Addison, the one who started her students down this path towards the area of the film fight. A passionate lover of movies, she brings a unique level of creativity to her lectures, even going so far as to present genre-based classes such as horror to her students with full-on screenings of iconic pieces such as The Exorcist.

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The essence of the film fight is to present young creatives with conditions where they must think on their feet and be exposed to professionals and the knowledge they possess to succeed in said extreme conditions.  With a strong love of the art, Shockfest is proud to present a path for these young filmmakers to not only grow from the experience but gather fruits of knowledge along the way to advance themselves further than they would go in just a traditional classroom environment.

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Do you love movies with a passion?  Would you like to see the future of the entertainment industry advance creatively further than any other era?  Come join in on the Mockfest Film Fight and meet Shane Black yourself at Shockfest Film Festival by getting your tickets at www.shockfilmfest.com use the code FILMS for a %35 discount on General Admission Tickets.

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