Happy Halloween, Dread Central readers! The next bloody holiday treat we’re dropping into you’re goodie bag is a blast from the past. Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol (released in 2015) is written and co-produced by our very own Sean Decker. Give it a spin at the top of the article!

“It makes me immensely happy to see that this little short has some legs,” Decker tells us exclusively. “It was wonderful to collaborate with the incredibly talented John Fitzpatrick and his Scary Endings team on this little flick, which was at once written as an original short and also as a loose homage in certain ways to some of my favorite films: 1941’s The Wolfman and the Buffy season two episode ‘Halloween’ to probably and rather unsurprisingly Carpenter’s Halloween.  We had such an enjoyable shoot with such a great cast.”

On Halloween night, snarky dentist Amber (Miracle Laurie) hands out toothbrushes to the neighborhood kids, only to discover that one of them may soon be brushing bits of her from his teeth. 

In addition to Laurie, Yummy Meet: A Halloween Carol stars Lou Ferrigno II, Luke Albright, and Lucas Jaye.

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