Trailer for RADIOFLASH Hits America with an Electric-Magnetic Pulse

Apocalyptic and survival horror tropes collide in the trailer for Radioflash, embedded at the top of the article. Look for the film, written and directed by Ben McPherson, in select theaters and VOD platforms beginning November 15th courtesy of IFC Midnight.

Radioflash thrusts us into a world where an electric-magnetic pulse has just struck America, knocking out all power and propelling it back into the Dark Ages. As society descends into violent anarchy, Reese, a tech-skilled teenager and her father Chris flee the dangers of the city, seeking refuge with her doomsday-prepper grandfather deep in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. But they soon discover that their journey and the splendor of these mountains hide a darkness of their own. Reese is forced to adapt her modern skills into finding a way to survive in the wilderness, and reach her grandfather before it’s too late. How far would you go to lead your family to safety?

Radioflash stars Brighton Sharbino (The Walking Dead), Dominic Monaghan (Lost) Will Patton (Halloween 2018), and Fionnula Flanagan.

Radioflash Poster 1024x1517 - Trailer for RADIOFLASH Hits America with an Electric-Magnetic Pulse

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