John Zaffis & George Noory headlining SHOCKFEST FILM FESTIVAL at The Hotel Paranormal

Shockfest Film Festival in Las Vegas is proud to unveil one of the many secrets happening at the Hotel Paranormal this November 22nd – 24th.  Both the Legendary Paranormal Investigator John Zaffis from Sysy Channel’s “Haunted Collector” and George Noory, iconic host of Coast to Coast AM will be in attendance, to take part in their own workshops and supernatural exhibitions, along with a variety of paranormal presenters.  Together, these ghostbusters from across the nation will explore the mysteries of the supernatural and share their knowledge on if there truly is life after death at the ultimate paranormal exhibition of the year.

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Topics discussed by these unique individuals will range vastly from haunted destinations across the US to practical techniques of ghost hunting and even supernatural classifications of various types of haunts and spirits in the real world. Destinations showcased at The Hotel Paranormal will consist of historic sites such as Salem, Massachusetts featuring The Historic Academy, who conduct the Salem Night and Day Tours, Haunted Houses such as Hollywood California’s The Oman House featuring David Oman, ghost towns like Vulture City Arizona, featuring Jay and Marie Yates of the Crossing Over Paranormal Society and Napa Valley, California, featuring Ellen Macfarlane and Devin Sisk of Napa Valley Ghost and Legends Walking Tour. Supernatural workshops will also take place throughout the weekend, including speakers such as Christina George, host of Paranormal Connections Radio Show, Bob Davis of Planet Paranormal and Mike Ricksecker of Haunted Roads Media. And of course, John Zaffis himself, the curator of the Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal, will take part in shedding light on the mysterious subject of the supernatural.

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On Saturday at midnight, the Los Angeles based practicing witches from The Crooked Path Apothecary will conduct a spirit summoning ritual within the hotel to call upon the entities who still post-mortally reside on the premises. They have invited all paranormal investigators to join in on the ceremony and bring their equipment to attempt to capture a spirit in action during the ritual.

All this incredible haunting activity will take place at the Hotel Paranormal, which culminates into one final meet up at the haunted Goodsprings Pioneer Saloon, where George Noory will conduct a Question and Answer discussion at the most iconic and haunted destination in all of southern Nevada. Rooms at The Hotel Paranormal are extremely limited, but available at for those who dare to spend the weekend at an authentic haunted destination surrounded by individuals who spend their lives making contact with the other side. Use the code: DREADCENTRAL for a %20 ticket at checkout.  

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