Sean William Scott Talks About BLOODLINE & Playing a Serial Killer in Our Exclusive Interview

Bloodline Banner 750x422 - Sean William Scott Talks About BLOODLINE & Playing a Serial Killer in Our Exclusive Interview

He got his big break playing a horny teen in American Pie; now, see Seann William Scott like never before in Blumhouse’s Bloodline, currently streaming on multiple VOD platforms. Scott plays a stone-cold serial killer who’s so unnerving, you’ll forget the actor ever played Stifler.

Dread Central was lucky enough to sit down with Scott recently to talk about Bloodline and what it was like playing such and intense and gruesome role. Check out our conversation below the film’s trailer and synopsis.

Haunted by dark memories of childhood abuse, Evan, a social worker and first-time dad, struggles to keep his need for revenge in check.

Bloodline Poster 1 202x300 - Sean William Scott Talks About BLOODLINE & Playing a Serial Killer in Our Exclusive Interview

Dread Central: You got your big break in American Pie playing a very funny character and most of the film’s you’ve done are comedies. What made you want to be a part of Bloodline, which is a very grim horror movie?

Sean William Scott: Well, I’m a huge fan of horror movies. I love the genre. I became an actor because I love movies, not because I had this crazy desire to perform. It literally came from fucking loving movies. I felt like this was something I could do and I wanted people get that same feeling when they watch a strong performance or see a great movie.

I actually approached Blumhouse. I was like, “Can we please take a meeting because I would love to work with you and I think I can do something different than I’ve ever done before throughout my entire career. They believed in me and they sent over Bloodline. The script needed some work but I remember the character and the themes were really appealing to me. Then we ended up getting Henry Jacobson to direct. It’s definitely something I’ve always wanted to do in my career. I love psychological horror and always wanted to do something like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Or Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. I watched Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and some other fucked up shit when I was young. So I was ready to finally do something like that.

DC: What are some of your favorite recent horror movies?

SWS: Hereditary. For me, I was like, “Holy shit!” I thought it was perfect, from beginning to end, every part of it. It was the first time in a while that something really fucked me up. I loved it! Get Out was also just incredible. Pretty much everything that Blumhouse has done.

DC: How is acting in a horror movie different than acting in a comedy?

SWS:  My goal has always been trying to make people laugh. But in Bloodline, I was trying to be as grounded and believable as possible. Different thought process, but, ironically, I probably had more fun doing this one than any other film.

DC: When I was watching Bloodline, your character (Evan) seemed like a bit of Dexter and a bit of Norman Bates. How would you describe him?

SWS: You kind of nailed it. I’ve always loved Dexter and I knew there would be comparisons. But that’s probably the best description I’ve heard: A little bity of Dexter, a little bit or Norman Bates. His relationship with his mom was so weird; I loved that open-mouthed kiss!

DC: Bloodline has some really gruesome scenes. Were any of them difficult for you to film?

SWS: No, I enjoyed it. I mean, definitely there were days when I’d be mentally exhausted, but I really loved the entire process. I love the genre and the entire crew we worked with was young and energetic. It was a smaller crew and we only had four weeks to film. There were some scenes where I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I loved it. I loved it all, all the blood and violence!

DC: What makes Bloodline different than other serial killer movies?

SWS: It isn’t just another violent serial killer movie; that would be dull. This violence is something Evan inherited from his mom. It’s more complicated than most vigilante films. It’s about a guy who can’t accept that people can get away with hurting others.

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