Trailer: Meet WRINKLES THE CLOWN–“Real-Life Pennywise”

Wrinkles the Clown Banner 750x422 - Trailer: Meet WRINKLES THE CLOWN--"Real-Life Pennywise"

WTC 1300 204x300 - Trailer: Meet WRINKLES THE CLOWN--"Real-Life Pennywise"

“He’s just a phone call away…”

Last week, we reported that Magnet (the genre arm of Magnolia) had acquired distribution rights for Wrinkles the Clown, a documentary about a “real-life Pennywise”! Today, we’re thrilled to share the trailer for the film, embedded at the top of the article. Give it a spin!

Look for this fearsome fellow beginning October 4th. 

In late 2014, a low-res video of a person in a clown mask emerging from underneath a sleeping child’s bed appears on YouTube. The description below the video claims that the clown is named “Wrinkles,” that he lives in southwest Florida, and that he’s been hired by the child’s parents to frighten her for misbehaving. The video goes viral. Soon, more mysterious videos of Wrinkles scaring children appear online, along with a phone number to hire him for “behavioral services.” Wrinkles becomes internet lore – a whole genre of YouTube videos of kids filming themselves calling him appears online, and over a million messages are left at the number. Voicemails range from disturbing to hilarious to terrifying: parents use the number to terrify their children, kids who are obsessive fans of creepy clowns reach out to make a new friend, children threaten to inflict wildly creative violence if he comes anywhere near them. But who is Wrinkles, and why is he doing this? With incredible access to the mastermind behind the mask, Wrinkles the Clown is a cryptic and playful exploration of these questions, as well as an inside look at myth-building and the unpredictable spread of imagination in the Internet age. 

“[Director] Michael [Beach Nichols] has concocted an incredibly unsettling film evocative of urban legend classics like Slender Man and The Blair Witch Project,” said Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles. “From Pennywise to the Joker, creepy clowns have terrified people for decades. Wrinkles the Clown gives them a reason to fear.”

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