Method Acting for Slashers and More from FANGORIA’s CASUALTY FRIDAY

Returning for episode 6 this week is another episode of Casualty Friday, our new favorite podcast from The FANGORIA Podcast Network. Casualty Friday features in-depth conversations about life in the horror business from three genre staples: Felissa Rose, Kane Hodder, and Tiffany Shepis.

One of the highlights of this week’s episode is a conversation between Kane Hodder and Felissa Rose where Kane weighs in on how he’s able to get into the psychopathic mindset of slashers like Jason and Victor Crowley, and whether or not he’s a “method actor.”

Method acting, popularized by Lee Strassberg, is a technique that teaches actors to get into character by priming their body and mind to identify with, and literally become that character. As such, most method actors remain in character on and off set and there are endless amounts of quirky stories about the rituals performed by actors who do The Method. This is fine for tamer actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, who insisted to be carried from scene to scene when playing a handicapped person in My Left Foot, but what does method acting mean for horror actors who play hard-core, brutal psychopaths like Kane Hodder? Well, this week the trio discuss the scary implications of method acting in horror and whether or not they themselves stay in character off the set.

We also find out:

  • Why most horror icons HATE the term ‘horror icon’
  • The other famous slasher Kane Hodder would KILL to play next
  • The very awkward fact that the first penis Felissa Rose ever saw, was her own in Sleepaway Camp

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Written by Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is a producer and journalist specializing in horror cinema. With a background in marketing and PR, in addition to writing for Dread Central Nick hosts a horror-filmmaking podcast called The Nick Taylor Horror Show. The interview-style podcast explores the techniques, strategies, and key pieces of advice for aspiring horror filmmakers, straight from the minds of some of the latest and greatest names in horror today (Joe Dante, Mick Garris, William Lustig, Joe Bob Briggs + more).

Nick is currently producing a documentary on Steve Johnson while working on Zombie Road, a feature-length immersive zombie movie on the Oculus Rift platform that integrates film & real actors into a cinematic video game platform in virtual reality.

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