Trailer: Evil Clowns Abound in Gory Teasers for BIG TOP EVIL

With IT: Chapter Two set to float into US movie theaters on September 6th, creepy clowns are back in vogue. But before IT returns from a 27-year slumber, you’ll have a chance to face-off against a horde of cannibalistic clowns in Big Top Evil! Look for it on select VOD platforms, Blu-ray/DVD, and Red Box beginning August 27th!

We’ve got a couple creepy and gory teasers to share from Big Top Evil today; check out the first one embedded at the top of the article and the second one below the synopsis. We’ve also got a full trailer at the very bottom of the article.

Serving a life sentence for murder, Jay is given the chance for a retrial – when a cold-case lawyer hears his story. It’s a story no one believes. And what a story it is. On a road trip to visit the infamous ‘Mangrove Slasher’ location, Jay and four friends find themselves lost in red-neck hell. What begins as a wrong turn becomes an eerie tale that explodes into a nightmare of unspeakable bloodshed at the hands of a cadre of crazed cannibal clowns. Literally the circus from hell. Jay is the only survivor, his six friends enduring the most horrific deaths at the hands of these lunatic laugh-meisters. By sheer luck, after passing out, Jay escapes, covered in the blood of his friend Casey, only to be arrested for her murder. The two bodies are never found, the clowns are gone, leaving Jay the only witness and, in the eyes of law enforcement, the perpetrator of these heinous crimes. Is Jay telling the truth? Is this some sick circus story? Or is Jay a psycho, just clowning around?

Big Top Evil is directed by Sean Haitz (Mangrove Slasher 2) and Chris Potter from a screenplay written by Sean Haitz and John Morrisey, with stellar cameo of actors Bill Moseley (Devils Rejects, 3 From Hell) and J. LaRose (Saw III, Insidious). The film stars Sean Haitz, Jisaura Cardinale, and Austin Judd. The executive producer is Sharon Carole with Sean Haitz producing.

You can pre-order Big Top Evil HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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