Exclusive: Ronen Landa Brings Terror To Small Spaces In 1BR Soundtrack

ronenlanda1br 300x200 - Exclusive: Ronen Landa Brings Terror To Small Spaces In 1BR Soundtrack
Composer Ronen Landa

Tonight sees the world premiere of 1BR, the debut feature from writer/director David Marmor, at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, QC. Already generating a lot of buzz, the horror/thriller explores, “…the terrors of apartment living”, something I think all too many of us can relate to. If you’re attending Fantasia, more information can be found here.

Today, we want to give you a taste of what’s to come with two tracks from composer Ronen Landa’s score. The first is the aptly titled “Theme From 1BR”, which makes all the sense in the world. The second, however, has a slightly more interesting title: “This Is Why We Do The Dinner Party”. Considering the rather horrific clip that was recently released, I’m curious what the main dish is at this dinner party…and if we might want to claim vegetarianism for the evening.

 “After leaving behind a painful past to follow her dreams, Sarah scores the perfect Hollywood apartment. But something is not right. Unable to sleep, tormented by strange noises, and threatening notes, her new life quickly starts to unravel. By the time she learns the horrifying truth, it’s too late. Caught in a waking nightmare, Sarah must find the strength to hold onto her crumbling sanity…or be trapped forever in an existential hell.

Written and directed by David Marmor, 1BR stars Naomi Grossman, Alan Blumenfeld, and Taylor Nichols.