Original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT Director Wants to Relaunch Franchise–With a Prequel!

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For reasons I’ve never understood, the two sequels to 1999’s The Blair Witch Project didn’t resonate with fans of the original. 2016’s Blair Witch, directed by Adam Wingard from a script penned by Simon Barrett, was brutally eviscerated. Still, original Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez would like to take a crack at a franchise relaunch, and he’s got an ambitious idea for breathing new life into the series: A prequel.

“I think that the Blair Witch film property should have gone backwards. We should have gone back in time and done period pieces of the mythology, and those elements” Sanchez told ComicBook.com. “But… bringing a unique vision, whether it’s a new filmmaker or a new screenwriter or somebody, but bring a unique vision to it, that sets it apart from everything else in the universe, in that world.”

“I’ve always had a desire to do the original story of how Elly Kedward was found guilty and banished into the woods, and what happened to that, Blair Township, in the late 1700s,” Sanchez continued. “What happened to them? To me, that was the movie that I wanted to make after the first Blair Witch. We had a little bit of a window where I think we could have got it. We could have gotten it done, but the timetable wasn’t right. It just wasn’t, for a lot of different reasons.”

You can read the interview in its entirety, HERE.

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