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Bruce, The Shark From JAWS, Is Being Restored To His Former Glory

Bruce, the shark from Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, will forever hold a special place in the hearts of an entire generation. Deemed responsible for creating the “summer blockbuster”, the film terrified countless people from ever entering the ocean lest they come to shore sans a limb or two. The wide-reaching effects are felt to this day, as John Williams’ theme song has become a part of pop culture and can be identified by even those who have never seen the film (a scary thought in and of itself).

Over 40 years old, the film hasn’t lost any of its impact or power. But Bruce, the shark, has certainly seen better days. After all, the son of a bitch had to smile real wide and time has taken a toll on the great white. But the Academy Award conservation team don’t want to see the iconic monster waste away. That’s why they teamed up with FX legend Greg Nicotero and his KNB FX team to restore the shark and make it a beautiful, terrifying sight to behold. And damn have they done a great job, although there’s clearly still work to be done.

“We’ve stripped all the old paint off of it, we’re patching all the cracks, we have to redo the eyes. We’re gonna restore it what it would have looked like on day one of filming for Jaws,” Nicotero told The Daily Jaws.

Pictures of the before, during, and after can be seen below, courtesy of Academy Museum and taken by Nicotero. The Academy says that Bruce has been fully restored, so we’ll hopefully see the final shark on display very soon!

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