Tom Savini Responds to Criticism of Corey Taylor’s New SLIPKNOT Mask

Cory Taylor Slipknot Mask 2019 750x422 - Tom Savini Responds to Criticism of Corey Taylor's New SLIPKNOT Mask

When Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor announced months ago that Tom Savini would be designing his new mask, both horror and metal fans were incredibly intrigued. Now that Slipknot has embarked on a new tour in support of a new album (We Are Not Your Kind, dropping August 9th) and the mask has been revealed, many are… scratching their heads.

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Frankly, response to the clear silicone mask has been brutal. Still, Savini recently explained how the mask was conceived and developed in an interview with Revolver:

“It’s amazing. I was on a plane with my wife looking at old photographs, and there’s a picture of her with Corey in 2014. I think it was my assistant, Jason Baker, who talked to him backstage at a show and Corey mentioned needing a mask. I guess my assistant said like, ‘Hey, I work for Tom Savini,’ and the next thing you know Corey Taylor is in my house playing with my cats, then we made a cast of him.

“Then we did the mask, and the mask has gone crazy! There was a lot of negative response, initially. I just got a copy of Kerrang! with Corey talking about the man behind the mask — about me — in that magazine, but the fans were like, ‘Savini? Oh shit, my sister could have done better than that.’ Someone even fastened a milk carton to their face and posted a side-by-side and said, Nailed it! Regardless, the mask looks excellent.”

But Savini explains that the mask was always intended as a vehicle for Taylor to express his vision beneath:

“You know, he puts the makeup on underneath it, the hood, everything. It’s a nice mask, but he sells it. He’s the one who makes it look the way it looks.”

You can read the interview in its entirity, HERE.

If you haven’t seen it for yourself yet, you can give Corey Taylor’s new mask a look-see in the video for “Unsainted” below.

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