Shawn “Clown” Crahan Slams Journalist for Asking the Identity of SLIPKNOT’s New Mystery Member

K1774 Slipknot cover 223x300 - Shawn "Clown" Crahan Slams Journalist for Asking the Identity of SLIPKNOT's New Mystery Member

An extensive interview with Slipknot appears in the latest edition of Kerrang! Magazine, now available where periodicals are sold, as well as online for subscribers. Among other things, their journalist quizzed the band on the identity of their new “Mystery Member” (most recently dubbed “Tortilla Man” in fan forums); it’s something fans genuinely want to know. Founding Slipknot percussionist Shawn (Clown) Crahan, however, seemed genuinely perturbed by the inquiry.

“[It’s] no one’s fucking business.”

Well then! You can hear more of Clown’s comments and the context in Rock Feed‘s video embedded at the top of the article.

Clown could actually be daring Internet sleuths to figure it out for themselves, or it could be that whoever is wearing the textured mask won’t be a permanent member. So, ultimately, we’re still only left with questions and no answers.

What we can confirm, though, is that Slipknot is roaring back into the limelight, following the release of a new single, “Unsainted” (video below) and a blistering appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. The nine-man band is also gearing up for a world tour in advance of their new album release; We Are Not Your Kind is slated to drop on August 9th.

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