Video Updates Status of FRIDAY THE 13TH Lawsuit: Current Appeal Withdrawn

Friday 13th 2009 Jason 750x422 - Video Updates Status of FRIDAY THE 13TH Lawsuit: Current Appeal Withdrawn

When original Friday the 13th scribe Victor Miller won back the rights to the characters he created after a prolonged legal battle with that film’s director, Sean Cunningham, many Jason Voorhees fans hoped the franchise’s drought (10 years now) would be ending soon. But not so fast: Cunningham immediately filed a notice of intent to appeal, potentially dooming the Friday franchise to further litigious limbo.

Or maybe not…

Horror YouTuber Jimmy Champane recently released a video update on the ongoing Friday the 13th lawsuit, and it seems there was a big development: Cunningham has withdrawn his appeal. This could pave the way for new Friday the 13th films, as potential investors would be weary of a property that carried potential baggage.

Or maybe not…

It turns out that Cunningham’s appeal was only withdrawn for technical reasons, meaning Jason’s current master has a choice to make: Spend another half decade in court pursuing a case he might lose (again), or come to a fair settlement with Miller (I think most fans are hopping for the latter).

Champane’s video at the top of the article also includes an overview of the entire situation, so if you’re not up to date (or hearing about this lawsuit for the first time), it’s a great, objective summary of everything that’s gone down so far. Give it a spin.

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