The 19th Annual Edwardian Ball Weekend to Feature Live Performance by Dakh Daughters

Dakh Daughters 750x422 - The 19th Annual Edwardian Ball Weekend to Feature Live Performance by Dakh Daughters
Edwardian Ball 2019 poster1 194x300 - The 19th Annual Edwardian Ball Weekend to Feature Live Performance by Dakh Daughters

San Francisco doesn’t have a sizable horror community per se, but they have a thriving arts scene on a peninsula that really knows how to party. There’s one time every year, however, when the laid-back residents of Northern California can get their creep on in a way that’s both classy and delightfully morbid. I’m talking about the annual Edwardian Ball!

About to celebrate its 19th run January 25th thru 26th, the name of the event is something of a double entendre: It pays tribute to the macabre mind of writer/illustrator Edward Gorey; simultaneously, it models itself after a traditional Edwardian era ball circa 1910. It’s become an event as likely to attract steam-punk enthusiasts as book worms; and, believe me, having attended the event myself, it’s a hoot and a half for horror fans!

As an added bonus, we’re just getting word that this year’s Edwardian Ball will include a live performance by Dakh Daughters! Here’s the full scoop from today’s press release:

PARADOX Media & Vau de Vire proudly present The Edwardian World’s Faire, the opening night of The 19th Annual Edwardian Ball weekend, featuring a very special live performance by Dakh Daughters, a musical and theatrical ensemble from Ukraine. Their performance will be set amidst the full installation of “The Rose Pedal Garden”, a whimsical re-imagined English garden sprinkled with mechanical and bicycle-powered wonders.

Dakh Daughters is seven women: Nina Harenetska, Ruslana Khazipova, Tanya Havrylyuk, Solomia Melnyk, Anna Nikitina, Natalia Halanevych and Zo. The band features three vocalists, and fifteen musical instruments, and an incredible mix of music, languages, dialects and performance – spawned by Kyiv’s Dakh Contemporary Art Centre.  The actresses turned dark-cabaret band are one of the most unusual, provocative and electric acts in Ukraine today. 

The 19th Annual Edwardian Ball will also include performances by Ariellah Aflalo, Capacitor, Cyclecide, Dangerous Puppets, Dark Garden, DJ Baz, Dr. Solar, Earles of Newtown, Green Valley Puppet Theatre,  DJ Fact50, Fou Fou HA, French Oak Gypsy Jazz, Gorey Murderess Theatre featuring Allison Lovejoy, Angela LaFlamme, The Grand Artique, John Thatcher Boomer, Katy Stevens, Kinetic Steam Works, The Klown, Le Cancan Bijou, Miz Margo, Rosin Coven, Shadow Circus Creature, Theatre Shovelman, Tyger’s Elemental Readings, Van Goat, and the Vau de Vire Society.

Find out how to attend and purchase tickets at the event’s official website, HERE. The Edwardian Ball will also host a one-night event in Los Angeles on February 9th. Check out Dakh Daughters in action in the video below and look for an interview with the founders of The Edwardian Ball in the week leading up to the event.

Have you attended a past Edwardian Ball? Does this sound like an event you’d like to attend? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



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