creepshowbanner - Shudder Facebook Post Suggests CREEPSHOW TV Series is Coming Soon

Shudder Facebook Post Suggests CREEPSHOW TV Series is Coming Soon

Sometime, people forget to look at dates when they share articles on social media. It can be confusing to casual horror fans who don’t follow horror news as closely as those of us in the biz. For example, someone recently shared an article from Indiewire reporting that a Creepshow TV is in the works. Unfortunately, the article is from last July.

Here’s the thing, though: The Indiewire article wasn’t shared by some random genre fan in a random horror group; it was a sponsored post from Shudder, the streaming service originally announced as producers of the Creepshow TV series. It also comes with a titillating promise:

Need some excitement in your life? We've got something for you.

Posted by Shudder on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

“Need some excitement in your life? We’ve got something for you.”

A major streaming service like Shudder doesn’t release their promotional posts haphazardly, meaning this is likely a prelude to an official announcement—one almost certain to include a target release date!

Here’s the gist of the Indiwire article:

Nearly three decades after its theatrical release, George Romero’s iconic horror anthology film Creepshow has been resurrected by streaming outfit Shudder, best known for its copious offerings from the world of genre film, as a brand-new television series. Shudder has greenlit a new series from “The Walking Dead” director and horror mainstay — and Romero acolyte! — Greg Nicotero, who will direct, executive produce, and supervise the show’s creative elements.

Of course we’ll keep our ears to the ground in order to bring you official Creepshow TV series news as details emerge. Stay tuned!